So here we are.  Another site in the never ending realm of cyberspace.  Yes, the world wide web that keeps us all inside the proverbial “net”.  Except this site happens to be a window into the mind of Paul St. Savage, who’s creative output is ultimately, “an opposition to the fraudulence of modern times”, depending on what level of the human experience you slither around on.

St. Savage aka “angry eel” is a life long resident of planet earth.  He grew up with a natural affinity towards art, music, mischief, silliness and anger.  Upon leaving home in his early twenties, St. Savage lurked across the country known as the U.S.A.  He took random jobs here and there to supplement his income, such as a land mine tester, a crash test dummy, a pizza maker, a harpoon salesman and a quality control adviser at a manure farm.  He also spent many months at a time under water, where he claims he got his ideas and plans together to fully focus on creativity in its many forms.

He eventually landed in NYC in the second half of the 90’s to creep around amongst the filth, the greed, the frauds, the action, the fun, the stimuli and the possibilities.  He studied graphic design and illustration at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY and figured he’d join the cookie cutter world of paper chasers, rat racers and breeders.  This proved to be a huge “NO DICE” for him.   In his own words, “My mind and my heart caved in”.  Embracing solitude, St. Savage looked at the world he lived in with distaste and distrust.  He realized his only option was to create a world of characters, images and sounds.  Upon his looking at the supposed art crowds and hip circles, he saw a massive contingency of fashion victims and desperate for fame party goers.  Not the most fulfilling activity, but to each their own.   St. Savage has been known to act aloof and usually elusive.   He put together the website you are now inside, to vent frustration, influence young minds, have fun, be productive, annoy jerkoffs and connect with like minded individuals.

Oh yeah…unauthorized use of any material from this site will result in THE EEL BOYS visiting your home or place of work for retribution.  Just ask and give credit where its due, alright?